Blue Bag brings a proven expertise
in supporting entrepreneurship stakeholders and their work.
Our geographic area of influence covers both French and English speaking Africa.

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Grants Search and Management for startups and established companies

We see several grant opportunities passing through our channels. We aim to assist founders, startups and SMEs in identifying sources of funding, in the technical preparation, in applying for and in securing grants and technical assistance funds.

Our approach is proactive since we contact the startups/companies where we see a fit and we are truly selective of the companies we decide to add as our clients. If your startup, company or organization is currently active in the sectors of Education, EdTech, Health, Environment and Waste Management, Agriculture, FinTech, Civic Tech, Sports Women Emowerment or if you are a research institute focused on agriculture operating in Africa, please introduce yourself to us.

Entrepreneurship Content Design

We work with large companies and all entities in the design, content writing and operationalization of entrepreneurial projects. Whether you're talking about entrepreneurship competitions, hackhatons, open innovation programs, intrapreneurship programs, incubator’s creation, entrepreneurship schools or entrepreneurship programs - we're the right people to talk to.

Entrepreneurship Immersion Visits

We organize tailor-made immersion visits in the heart of entrepreneurial ecosystems of key countries in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, South Africa and on-request) that allows you to meet key players as well as specific activities that are sure to meet your goals.

Implantation Services for foreign startups

We act as a startup studio. Beyond an immersion visit, we can organize promotional/demonstration activities at a regional or country level; we can help design and roll out your go-to-market strategy; we mobilize talents to join your staff; we facilitate connections to the most relevant partners and open our networks to accompany your success.

Management of coworking spaces and places of innovation

We can be entrusted the management or the management optimization of coworking spaces and innovation spaces to make your investment a worthy one or in meeting the expected social impact.


We support you in the design and / or implementation phase of your events related to entrepreneurship.

Studies and Publications

Our studies and publications are insightful and get noticed by the intended target audience. Entrust us with your studies. Access our publications here.

Investments in startups

We offer advisory and specific products/services for investors interested in investing in some of the most promising startups in Africa and elsewhere.

Special Initiatives

We are working on initiatives to boost start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Africa.